Urethane Floor Systems

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Almost Bullet Proof

Our high grade urethane floor system can stand up to just about anything and are relatively maintenance free. We understand the importance of concrete preparation and restoration! Without proper surface preparation, the longevity of the coating is compromised. Our experienced expert installers start with prepping the concrete by diamond grinding the entire floor. All cracks and holes will be filled for a seamless look. We then start the process of applying our high grade urethane floor system.

Wagoner’s Epoxy Floor Systems & Polished Concrete offers large samples to choose from so whatever your color scheme we have something for you!

Residential & Commercial

From garage floors, patio floors, basement floors to mechanical rooms, showrooms/dealerships, commercial building floors, factories, kennels, and food processing, Epoxy Floor Systems are one of the most versatile flooring systems available. And, for every Residential installation project, we provide a 16’ trailer to store all of your room's contents while the job is being done, at no extra cost to you.

Wagoner’s Epoxy Floor Systems & Polished Concrete epoxy floor installation process is quick and efficient leaving you with a beautiful finish that protects your concrete. Contact Wagoner’s Epoxy Floor Systems & Polished Concrete or request a free quote.

Urethane Benefits

  • Longest-lasting floor coatings on the market, often enduring for a decade or more

  • Abrasion and corrosion resistant

  • More color-retentive

  • Versatile and Durabile Urethane floor coatings last longer and look better

  • Designed to protect against ultra violet light and abrasions

  • Available in a wide array of colors, but can also be applied clear so existing colors and textures of the floor can show through

  • Urethane adheres to previous finishes, so existing coatings do not always have to be removed prior to installation

Below are several examples of Urethane Floors